Euro-Disney backstage sex orgy!

This next bit is not for the kiddies: Radar online has some great info about the quickly released to YouTube, and then de-posted Euro-Disney backstage sex orgy

Here’s an excerpt:

Amateur plushy porn featuring the world’s most famous mouse and his pals has found its way to the Internet … again. Video of a furry, bisexual, incestuous, interspecies orgy at EuroDisney was quickly taken down after being posted to YouTube yesterday, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail (via Defamer). In it, Minnie is the pivot mouse in a furry three-way with Goofy and a giant snowman. Goofy gets similarly freaky with a pair of nut-gobbling chipmunks.

Not to be outdone, the Chairman of the Board, Mickey Mouse himself, gets frosty, sloppy seconds from the snowy stud. Thought to be shot on a hidden camera, a French voice can be heard announcing “Disneyland à l’arriére plan, il fait chaud!”

Translation: “Disneyland backstage, it’s hot!”




Shakeup at Disney

This in from Reuters:

Shakeup at Disney:
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Walt Disney Co on Thursday said it has promoted 27-year Disney veteran Meg Gilbert Crofton to president of the Walt Disney World Resort. The company also elevated 10-year Disney veteran Jim Lewis to president of Disney Vacation Club. Both Crofton and Lewis will report to Al Weiss, president of Worldwide Operations for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Crofton, 52, takes over for Weiss, who moved to his newly created post as part of Disney’s company-wide emphasis on taking a global approach to its businesses.

RIDE REVIEW: Stich’s Great Escape

This ride would have been great if I had been 6 or 7.  Sadly, I’m not, so I have to give it a poor review.

The idea is not great– at an intergalactic prison, we the audience members are on our first day  as guards.  We got assigned low-level duty/observation.  As we file in (and get strapped into our observation stations (kind of a theatre in the round), we are supposed to observe an easy transfer of simple alien prisoners.  However, an emergency class 3 criminal is transferred instead (Stich) who then escapes into the prison, and wreaks “mayhem”, including Chili Cheese burps, things that run across your spine, and various other Sensu-round stimuli.

Even though you get strapped down, the ride never goes anywhere– it’s more like a sensu-round experience to make sure you don’t get up and leave, which is what I felt like doing a few times.  The burp is not a nice smell.

Perhaps if I were younger, I’d like it more, but I’m not, so I didn’t.  At the end of the ride, I said to my girlfriend “Well, that’s one ride I won’t go on again until they revamp it!”  Here’s hoping it’s soon!

How NOT to Wait in Line: Get there at Rope Drop!

One of the most successful strategies for navigating Disneyworld in the time that you have is to have a real plan about how you are going to do everything, and minimize waiting in line.

Here is the best tip I know: Continue reading →

Club 33– a place for the Real Friends of Walt

Club 33 is an urban legend that is actually true. It’s a private second floor club/restaurant in Disneyland (California) that serves alcohol, has excellent food, and was originally conceived as Walt’s apartment/office inside the park. It’s in New Orleans Square, at (where else?) 33 Royal Street.

The club now serves fine food, and is/was wired for animatronics– apparently Continue reading →

Where NOT to gas up your car

Having just come back from the Disney trek, I can highly recommend NOT gassing up your car across from the Thrifty car-rental place.  It was a CITGO station, and seemed to be the only one around the off-airport car-rental places.  While gas at the two Hess stations on the Disney property hovered around 2.91-2.99, they were charging (for regular unleaded) 3.49!

A .50 cent surcharge per gallon for being on a time schedule is not really acceptable.

Gas up at the Hess on property (it’s about a 10-15 mile ride or so, so your FULL indicator won’t waver)  You can also gas up at a 7-11 one exit before the car-rental exit. Save yourself some money!

Don’t Sweat the Wet

If you are going to DisneyWorld (well, any of the parks, but the Florida parks in particular) you are going to get wet (and I’m excluding Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Bay, or other WaterParks that you might attend) This is Florida, after all. It rains. A lot. Everyday, nearly. So get used to it.

Not to mention the fact that there are several water rides ( Splash Mountain, Kali River Rapids, to name two)

Here are some tips in order to have a pleasant time despite the rains:

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The First Post- Why I write this blog.

This is the first post of which will hopefully be many.

I recently came back from a 8 day trip to Disney World (Orlando). While I was there, I was constantly amazed by how much I liked Disney. Not necessarily DisneyWorld, or the Disney resorts, or the cast of characters. I was really amazed by the vision that Walt Disney had, and how he had the ability to follow through on that vision. And it was fun for my girlfriend and myself to be there.

My hope is that this blog helps people understand and enjoy Disney as much as I do. I’m not so hep on Disney the corporation– I’m interested and excited by Disney the vision. (And of course, having a lot of fun in the parks! I’m all about cool amusement rides!)

So, buckle your seatbelt, pull tight on the strap, and enjoy the ride!