The First Post- Why I write this blog.

This is the first post of which will hopefully be many.

I recently came back from a 8 day trip to Disney World (Orlando). While I was there, I was constantly amazed by how much I liked Disney. Not necessarily DisneyWorld, or the Disney resorts, or the cast of characters. I was really amazed by the vision that Walt Disney had, and how he had the ability to follow through on that vision. And it was fun for my girlfriend and myself to be there.

My hope is that this blog helps people understand and enjoy Disney as much as I do. I’m not so hep on Disney the corporation– I’m interested and excited by Disney the vision. (And of course, having a lot of fun in the parks! I’m all about cool amusement rides!)

So, buckle your seatbelt, pull tight on the strap, and enjoy the ride!