Don’t Sweat the Wet

If you are going to DisneyWorld (well, any of the parks, but the Florida parks in particular) you are going to get wet (and I’m excluding Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Bay, or other WaterParks that you might attend) This is Florida, after all. It rains. A lot. Everyday, nearly. So get used to it.

Not to mention the fact that there are several water rides ( Splash Mountain, Kali River Rapids, to name two)

Here are some tips in order to have a pleasant time despite the rains:

1) Pack a poncho or two. We bought them at Walmart before we arrived for $1.49 each. When it starts to rain, every Disney store will start selling umbrellas and ponchos for very inflated prices. While the Poncho does have a Disney label– paying $10 for what amounts to a clear plastic bag with the word Disney on it (and how many people are in your party?) isn’t the best use of your funds. Prepare by bringing a poncho from home. At night, let the poncho dry out, fold it up and use it again. When your trip is finished– discard it. You got your $1.49 out of it. Also, most rides ask you take off your poncho once you get inside. So it’s not going to keep its folds. Learn to roll it instead.
2) Bring a ziplock . Bring 3. There are times when you are going on water rides where you are not going to want your phone, your ticket, your room key, or anything else to get wet. While in line, put your stuff in the ziplock, and put it in your small knapsack/handbag. You are carrying a small knapsack right?

3) Bring a small towel. We brought a small towel from our room (actually two– one to put on the dashboard/wheel of the car, and one to put in our knapsack. It was invaluable when you had to step in somewhere, and wanted to wipe yourself off.

4) Don’t sweat it. You get wet, you dry off. It’s the cycle of life (Hmmmm…. could be a great Disney song!) On Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids, you are going to get wet (although probably less than you fear.– On Kali, 2 out of 12 people generally get soaked, and the rest of the people get with a light dusting. Naturally, I got completely DRENCHED! Within half an hour, i was relatively dry. And considering it was hot, it actually felt really nice!