RIDE REVIEW: Stich’s Great Escape

This ride would have been great if I had been 6 or 7.  Sadly, I’m not, so I have to give it a poor review.

The idea is not great– at an intergalactic prison, we the audience members are on our first day  as guards.  We got assigned low-level duty/observation.  As we file in (and get strapped into our observation stations (kind of a theatre in the round), we are supposed to observe an easy transfer of simple alien prisoners.  However, an emergency class 3 criminal is transferred instead (Stich) who then escapes into the prison, and wreaks “mayhem”, including Chili Cheese burps, things that run across your spine, and various other Sensu-round stimuli.

Even though you get strapped down, the ride never goes anywhere– it’s more like a sensu-round experience to make sure you don’t get up and leave, which is what I felt like doing a few times.  The burp is not a nice smell.

Perhaps if I were younger, I’d like it more, but I’m not, so I didn’t.  At the end of the ride, I said to my girlfriend “Well, that’s one ride I won’t go on again until they revamp it!”  Here’s hoping it’s soon!