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Major Rumors Afoot

Blue Sky Disney, one of the blogs with a lot of inside intel on upcoming Disney stuff, is predicting major changes in Orlando– especially at MGM (soon to be known as Disney-Pixar!) Also, some interesting doings and the slim possibility of something known as Beastly Kingdom (an area of Animal Kingdom that will explore mythological creatures like unicorns, chimeras, dragons, etc)

Read all the juicy Disney tidbits, and possible red herrings at


Vertical Architectural Design at Disney

There’s a great article about the use of skylights at Disney (

His argument is that the vertical spaces at Disney were the hardest to design, and that there are false skylights all over Disney in the imagineers quest to control the environment. It’s hard to argue with his photographs and his well-reasoned analysis.

The only disappointing thing about this is that now I have to go back and read his entire blog to see what other gems I’m missing! And I’m already behind in my movie-going (haven’t seen Spiderman, or Pirates for that matter), my television watching, and my book-reading (not to forget my other Blogs-reading)

And let’s not forget that he’s got a great list of other Disney blogs for me to check out.

It’s going to be a LONG weekend!

Fort Wilderness to be torn down.

According to our friends over at the Disney Blog, Fort Wilderness, which has been closed to the public, will become part of the memorabilia. It’s being torn down to make way for something that will be open to the public, and hopefully not too new-fangled.

It’s a hard rope to walk on (the difference between being nostalgic and being fixated on the past) It’s even harder when you are a large corporate entity, and have shareholders demanding maximum utilization of assets.

I’m pretty sure this is all for the best, but am still a little sad for it.

There’s a great picture of Walt and somebody’s Grandfather planning out Fort Wilderness on the Disney Blog link above.

RIDE REVIEW: Stich’s Great Escape

This ride would have been great if I had been 6 or 7.  Sadly, I’m not, so I have to give it a poor review.

The idea is not great– at an intergalactic prison, we the audience members are on our first day  as guards.  We got assigned low-level duty/observation.  As we file in (and get strapped into our observation stations (kind of a theatre in the round), we are supposed to observe an easy transfer of simple alien prisoners.  However, an emergency class 3 criminal is transferred instead (Stich) who then escapes into the prison, and wreaks “mayhem”, including Chili Cheese burps, things that run across your spine, and various other Sensu-round stimuli.

Even though you get strapped down, the ride never goes anywhere– it’s more like a sensu-round experience to make sure you don’t get up and leave, which is what I felt like doing a few times.  The burp is not a nice smell.

Perhaps if I were younger, I’d like it more, but I’m not, so I didn’t.  At the end of the ride, I said to my girlfriend “Well, that’s one ride I won’t go on again until they revamp it!”  Here’s hoping it’s soon!

How NOT to Wait in Line: Get there at Rope Drop!

One of the most successful strategies for navigating Disneyworld in the time that you have is to have a real plan about how you are going to do everything, and minimize waiting in line.

Here is the best tip I know: Continue reading →