Club 33– a place for the Real Friends of Walt

Club 33 is an urban legend that is actually true. It’s a private second floor club/restaurant in Disneyland (California) that serves alcohol, has excellent food, and was originally conceived as Walt’s apartment/office inside the park. It’s in New Orleans Square, at (where else?) 33 Royal Street.

The club now serves fine food, and is/was wired for animatronics– apparently there was a talking animatronic vulture that would converse with you regarding your dinner! There were also plans for other animatronics, but it was never finished.  Sounds to me like the prototype version of The Explorer’s Club, but exclusive.
There are limited opportunities for public membership, but it will cost you– according to Snopes , membership is a cool $7500 initiation fee for individuals, and then another 2K a year in dues. And it goes up if you are a corporation, or want multiple people there. Talk about your hospitality!

There’s a three year wait to become a member… and a lot of Disney-philes are waiting to join!
Official Club 33 Disney Website (currently down)

Club 33 (from the Snopes site) has a photo gallery.

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